SATCOM SOLUTIONS has extensive experience in upgrading international teleports worldwide.  Many of the teleports have not kept up with technology updates over the past 10 years and now find themselves not able to take advantage of the new High Throughput Satellites (HTS).  
SATCOM offers cost effective solutions to upgrade outdated teleports including:
•    RF:   Remove any obsolete RF indoor amplifiers and replace it with solid state Terrasat redundant outdoor BUC’/LNB’
•    IFL:   Replace the existing lightning susceptible RF cable IFL with a fiber IFL
•    MODEM:  Upgrade modem software or offer a high efficiency replacement with up to 50% bandwidth savings
•    RF MATRIX SWITCH:  Connect any antenna to any modem
•    ANTENNA TRACKING:  Replace any obsolete tracking system with the latest technology
•    ANTENNA MAINTENANCE:  Identify any existing antenna issues, restore the antenna to factory specifications and perform a full service on the antenna
•    NEW ANTENNAS:  We stock a range of antennas from 1.2 to 4.8M antennas for immediate delivery on a turnkey basis.
•    REPAIRS:  Our repair center is factory trained and certified to perform CPI and Terrasat repairs offering cost effective repairs and a quick turn around
•    MAINTENANCE:  We offer 24 x 7 maintenance support that includes high level and onsite support
•    TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE CENTER (TAC):  95% of all technical issues are resolved by our high level technical 24 x 7 TAC support
•    TRAINING:  We offer a range of training classes to equip on site engineers to maintain their teleports.