Amplifier, IBUC2 Ku-band, 30W, AC input


Amplifier, IBUC2 Ku-band, 40W, AC input

Amplifier, IBUC2 Ku-band, 30W, DC input

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Brand: Terrasat
Product Code: IBR140145-0N5030WW
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Terrasat IBUC2 Ku-band, 30W, DC input Terrasat IBUC2 Ku-band Block Upconverter, 14.0-14.5 GHz, 30W output, DC power from external power supply, equipped with: AGC/ALC Internal diagnostics FSK M&C capable TCP/IP via RJ45 connector with embedded web pages and SNMP ;RS485, RS232 alarm, handheld ports Multifunction LED indicator

Waveguide output

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