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Converter, Up-Converter, Single MBT5000

The MBT-5000A Up/Down Converter System provides non-inverting frequency conversion between L-Band IF..

Mode, L-Band Quad Demodulator with IP Module, Encrypted

Modem Comtech EF Data CDD564LEN     Interface Front Panel Options:_x000D_ •  950 - 1950 MHz, 100 Mz ..

Modem , L-Band Satellite - Standard

CDM-570AL Satellite ModemStandard CEFD Front Panel100 - 240 VAC Primary Power (48 VDC 150 Watt 50 de..

Modem , L-Band Satellite IP - Standard

CDM-570AL-IP L-Band Satellite IP Modem - Standard Standard CEFD Front Panel 100 - 240 VAC Primary Po..

Modem CDM570L

Modem Comtech EF Data CDM570L    Interface Front Panel Options:_x000D_ •  Blank Front Panel with G.7..

Modem CDM570L-IP

Modem Comtech EF Data CDM570L-IP    Interface Front Panel Options:•  Blank Front Pan..

Modem CDM625

Modem Comtech EF Data CDM625    Interface Front Panel Options:_x000D_ •  50-180 MHz (Standard)_x000D..

Modem CDM700

Modem Comtech EF Data CDM700     Interface Front Panel Options:_x000D_ •  52-88 and 104-176 MHz in 1..
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