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Antenna Fixed, 1.2m Ku Band, Cross Pol Antenna

Prodelin 1.2m, Antenna•    Antenna Size 1.2 M Ku-Band Antenna   o &nbs..

Antenna, Fixed, 2.4m -Ku-Band, Linear Antenna

Series 12442.4 Meter Ku band 2 Port Transmit-Receive Antenna..

Antenna, Fixed, 2.4m -Ku-Band, Linear Antenna

Series 12442.4 Meter Transmit-Receive Antenna Ku band 2 Port Tx Rx Cross Pol Feed Assembly ..

Antenna, Fixed, 3.7m -C - Band, Prime Focus, Rx Only

Prodelin 3.7m, Antenna (Rx Only)•    Receive Only•    C-Band &nbs..

Antenna, Fixed, 3.7m -C-Band, Circular Antenna, Rx/Tx

Prodelin 3.7m, Antenna•    Antenna Size 3.7 M C-Band Antenna    o &nbs..

Antenna, Fixed, 3.8m -C-Band, Circular Antenna, Rx/Tx

Prodelin 3.8m, Antenna3.8M Rx/Tx AntennaC-Band Circular Cross Pol 1.09 VAR22.62 OffsetIntelsat Type ..

Antenna, Fixed, 4.8m -C-Band, 2 Port, Circular, Rx/Tx, Cassegrain

General Dynamics 4.8, Compact Cassegrain Antenna* C-band 2 port, Circular Polarized Feed, TX/RX* TX ..

Antenna,Fixed, 1.8m -Ku-Band, Cross Pol Antenna

Prodelin 1.8m, Antenna•    Antenna Size 1.8 M Ku-Band Antenna    o &nb..

Antenna,Fixed, 2.4m -C-Band, Circular Antenna

Prodelin 2.4m Antenna•    Antenna Size 2.4 M C-Band Antenna   o  ..

Antenna,Fixed, 2.4m C-band to Ku-band Conversion Kit

 2.4m C-band to Ku-band Conversion Kit..
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