BUC, 40W, Ku-Band, Single Band, 14.00 - 14.50 GHz, N-Connector

Modem, Advanced Satellite - Standard Configuration, 10Mbps, TPC/LDPC, Full C-in-C (STOCK-828)

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Brand: Comtech
Product Code: CDM-625-828
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CDM-625Advanced Satellite Modem

Standard CEFD Front Panel (Standard Firmware),
100 - 240 VAC Primary Input Power (65 Watt Power Supply), No BUC Power Supply,
TPC / LDPC Board,
Carrier-in-Carrier Board (Slot 2),
70/140 MHz IF and L-Band IF,
Modem Data Rate 18 kbps to 10 Mbps
BPSK - QPSK - OQPSK and 8-PSK + 8-QAM Modulation Type,
Full Carrier-in-Carrier: 18 kbps - 2.5 Mbps,
EDMAC / EDMAC 2 (Standard),
D+I/QP D+ D+I/D+I++ for Single E1/T1 and Quad E1 D+I Port 2, 3, 4
TPC/LDPC Data Rate 18 kbps to 10 Mbps

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