Antenna, Flyaway, Auto-Acquire, EXPLORER 5120,8W BUC, Ku-Band, 1.2m


Antenna, Flyaway, Manual point, Explorer 3075, BUC CABLE

Antenna, Flyaway, Auto-Acquire, Explorer 6100, KU-BAND, 20W BUC, 1m

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Brand: Cobham
Product Code: Explorer 6100 Ku (20W BUC)
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1m Stabilized Auto-Acquire Fly-Away VSAT System for Ku-band
- 7 piece Carbon Fiber Reflector
- Replaceable Ku-band Feed Horn
- 20 Watt extended range BUC
- Dual-band LNB for International Use
- 12" Waveguide
- IP65-Rated Base Unit with External Modem Interface
- Built-in WiFi and a Web-based User Interface for Easy Configuration
- 24-48 VDC
- Power Supply (403160P) is optional and not included
- 2 Case Packup, Airline checkable

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