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Fiber IFL, 4000 ODU Enclosure Series

Foxcom 4000 ODU Enclosure Series..

Fiber IFL,4004 ODU Outdoor Unit Fiberoptic Interfacility Links

Foxcom 4004 ODU Outdoor Unit IP-67 Outdoor enclosure. Olive colored. 4 internal slots foractive Sat-..

Fiber IFL,7180M Chassis and Power Supply

Foxcom 7180M Chassis and Power Supply..

Fiber IFL,7190M Chassis 19 Inch 1RU Chassis

19" 1RU Gold chassis. Includestwo 90-240VAC power supplies.Capable of holding maximum of4 Sat-light ..

Fiber IFL,Apogee 2050E External SNMP Management System

Foxcom Apogee 2050E External SNMP Management System..

Fiber IFL,Apogee SNMP Management System

Foxcom Apogee SNMP Management System..

Fiber IFL,G5000K Series Outdoor Enclosure (ODU)

Foxcom G5000K Series Outdoor Enclosure (ODU) Uses user internal accessiblemodules. Cream colored ca..

Fiber IFL,GL7130 Optical Link for 10MHz Reference Signals

Foxcom GL7130 Optical Link for 10MHz Reference Signals..

Fiber IFL,GL7220 L-Band Downlink

Foxcom GL7220 L-Band Downlink..

Fiber IFL,GL7230 L-Band Uplink

Foxcom GL7230 L-Band Uplink The pricing Includes: 1- GL7230T-1310-50SMA-FC-OD5: G5000 L-Band fiber o..

Fiber IFL,GL7330 (70/140MHz) IF Link

Foxcom GL7330 (70/140MHz) IF Link..

Fiber IFL,GL7430 Wideband Optical Link

Foxcom GL7430 Wideband Optical Link..

Fiber IFL,GL952KU Ku-Band Uplink Optical Link

Foxcom GL952KU Ku-Band Uplink Optical Link..

Fiber IFL,GL952SD S-Band Link

Foxcom GL952SD S-Band Link..

Fiber IFL,Model 2020A 10/100 Base Ethernet Module 1310 nm

Foxcom Model 2020A 10/100 Base Ethernet Module 1310 nm..
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