Antenna,Controller, 3-Axis Jog Controller for Mobile Satellite Antennas

Antenna, Digital Tracking Receiver & Antenna Control Unit

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Brand: General Dynamics
Product Code: 950
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550A Digital Tracking Receiver
* 4RU Chassis : User interface provided via 950A ACU
* Single input per band
* C-Band: 3.4 to 4.2 GHz
* Minimum signal input C/No. of 35 dB-Hz
* 0 to -94 dB beacon level range
* Real time spectral display

950 Antenna Control Unit
* 7RU Touch Screen Display
* Ethernet/Fiber switch for connection to 950A PDU and 500 Series TRU

950 Power Drive Unit
* Antenna Control Board (manages all control functions)
* 3HP Az / 3HP El Inverter Drives
* No Polarization Drive
* Standard Operating Temperature (-20C to +50C)
* 400V Class 3-Phase Site Power

950A PORTABLE MAINTENANCE UNIT w/10 ft.integrated cable
950A EXTENSION CBL FOR 08-588-3002-01 PMU 40 ft.
AZ Gearmotor
EL Gearmotor

950A 25-bit Optical Encoder Kit
* Azimuth

950A 25-bit Optical Encoder Kit
* Elevation
AZ/EL Limit Switch
AZ/EL Limit Switch Actuator Arm
Cable Diagram
Ethernet Cable, 200ft

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