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Antenna, Tracking Receiver, Ku-Band

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Brand: General Dynamics
Product Code: 201800-AC00
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DTR – Ku-band (Full) Digital Tracking Receiver:
Internal Block Downconverters and Synthesized Lband
Tracking provides a proportional DC tracking signal from selected beacons 10.7 to 12.75 GHz. Frequency resolution is 1 KHz and tuning is
performed at the front panel or via serial remote
interface. DTR Model 201800-AC00 offers a single
Ku-band input, minimum signal input C/No. of 35
dB-Hz, direct display of tracking signal C/No. and
real time spectral display, two analog DC outputs,
adjustable voltage output to be used with Uplink
power controller or direct with General Dynamics
amplifiers. Includes O&M manual on CD; CG-1220-

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