Compression I-Gate 4000 Media Gateway Edge


HandyTone, 8-port, FXS Gateway with Gigabit NAT Router

Gateway, Satellite Network, Skywire

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Brand: Comtech EF Data
Product Code: MDX420 Base Unit
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MDX420 Base Unit

Standard Radyne Front Panel            
100-240 VAC/48VDC 130Watt @ 50 Degrees Celsius BUC Power Supply            
TX L-Band with 50 Ohm N-Type Connectors            
RX L-Band with 75 Ohm F-Type Connectors(Includes F to N Adapter)            
328 KBPS - 5 MBPS            
High Stability            
QPSK Only            
Turbo Product Code Forward Error Correction            
2 Demodulator Card            
MDX420 Accessories            
UK / Malaysia AC Power Cord            
Configuration Controller CD            
Standard 2 Year Hardware Warranty Included

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