Amplifier, TWTA, Outdoor, Ku-Band, 400W


Amplifier,TWTA, Indoor, C-Band, 2250W

Amplifier, TWTA, Outdoor, Ku-Band, 400W, 1+1

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Brand: CPI
Product Code: T04UO
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400W, 13.75 - 14.50 GHz 1:1 Redundant Outdoor TWT Amplifier system with Integral Linearizer, internal switch Controller, L-Band Block Up Converter with 10 MHz Internal Refrence and Variable Gain SSIPA. System consisting of 2 amplifiers, input splitter, waveguide switch, forward/reverse couplers, appropriately rated dummy load, interconnect waveguide and cabling, miscelleneous brackets, all integrated and mounted on a unistrut frame. Switch Controller integral to amplifiers.

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