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Gateway system, L-Band IF, Modulator and Demodulator modules

JUPITER Compact Gateway System - Startup, L Band IF, w/ NMS, Modulator and Demodulator modules. Supp..

JUPITER System Gateway Software

Jupiter Gateway Standard Features - Software License Fee- pre-loaded in NOC servers..

Modem, VSAT, iDirect Evolution X3 Satellite Router

iDirect Evolution X3 Satellite Router..

Modem, VSAT, iDirect Evolution X5 Satellite Router

iDirect Evolution X5 Satellite Router KIT,EVOLUTION X5 REMOTE,ROHS..

Modem, VSAT, iDirect Evolution X7 Satellite Router

iDirect  X7 Satellite Router iDirect X7 Satellite Router, AC input with selectable 24 VDC/48VD..

VSAT, RF Equipment, 1.2m, 3W

VSAT Terminal RF Equipment including:1- Extended Ku-Band 3W BUC (P/N:TZ1306SE01)2- Ku-Band PLL LNB, ..

VSAT, YahClick Enterprise 74 Jupiter VSAT Kit

YahClick Enterprise  Jupiter VSAT Kit comprising of: - Satellite Router Hughes - BUC ..

X1 Outdoor w/ NJRC 2W + 10ppm PLL C‐band Bundle

iDirect Evolution X1 Outdoor Satellite Router..
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